Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

By John Henderson

Pain is one of the elements that can destroy the quality of life. Living with chronic pain, or having pain from surgery or dental procedure can be debilitating. Hypnotherapy works in releiving pain because the subconscious mind does not know the difference in reality and pretend. Therefore it becomes easy to plant false memories that are beneficial and can be very helpful in changing how someone perceives their reality and how that person experiences pain.
Some of the ways to trick the subconscious mind are to make it think that the pain is powered by the main electrical supply of your world and just find the circuit breaker supplying power to it and turn it off. Another approach is to leave the pain in another universe or somewhere separate from you where it cannot get to you. The Hypnotherapist can make your subconscious mind think that Angels are removing it, Gnomes from another dimension or even your own subconscious mind is taking it away. The only requirement is that your subconscious mind believes the scenario and since it doesn’t know the difference in reality and pretend, the client’s suggestibility determines the acceptance of the scenario given by the Hypnotherapist.
The usual order of events to remove pain is to start with clearing the client of negativity and all other attachments. Next is to have the client examine their aura so the angels can fix any problems that have occurred while doing battle on the astral plane or any other spiritual level. The third event is to look for missing parts which are usually associated with traumatic events in childhood or even adulthood when the mind is so shocked by an event that it “walls off” the event to remove the trauma associated with the event. Hypnotherapy usually does not cause the person remember the event, but convinces the subconscious mind that the problem is fixed so that there is no further need to run those tapes.
If there is no obvious cause like an automobile accident or a fall from a ladder, the next place to look is a past life. Many clients have been helped by past life regression. For example, the client may be taken back to a past life to find out that he/she was stabbed in the back in that lifetime at the same age that the pain started in the present life time. It’s OK if the client doesn’t believe in past lives because the subconscious mind brings up a story as to the reason for the back pain and it doesn’t care if it is real or make believe. It is just making up a story to explain the back pain. Most past life regressions end up helping the client eliminate all pain. After all, if it was from a past life it can be left in that timeline so that the pain no longer exists in present reality.
Often pain is from an injury, inflammation, infection, dental work or surgery. Hypnotherapy is very effective in these scenarios as well.
Most people in the medical field are not aware that there is a branch of hypnotherapy that deals with anastesia. Hypnosis was used for hundreds of years for general anastesia before the discovery of ether. Hypnotherapy offers a broad range of benefits to surgical patients.Here are some listed below:
Enhanced surgical anesthesia means much less toxic anesthetics in the client’s body, thus reduced mortality (complications of anesthesia are a major source of surgical mortality) and quicker recovery
Reduced pre-operative anxiety
Reduced blood flow to the area of the operation during the surgical procedure means less blood loss and quicker recovery
Reduced post-operative pain
Speeding up the post surgical healing process, including tissue and bone healing
Reducing the chance of infection and other post-surgical complications
There is seldom the opportunity for a hypnotherapist to be present at a dental appointment or in the operating room these days, so the client is put into a deep hypnotic trance and given a post hypnotic suggestion to accomplish the results listed above. Often the client is given instruction on self hypnosis to enhance the post hypnotic suggestion that the hypnotherapist has instilled prior to the surgery or dental appointment. Hypnotherapy can also help releive the fear associated with dental visits or surgery.
In case of an injury, inflammation or other painful condition, the hypnotherapist can work with the client to reduce the pain by giving a post hypnotic suggestion. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is make believe. The one caveat is that the client must have the proper medical treatment for the pain so that the injury or illness does not worsen. Pain is the body’s way to let us know that there is something wrong. Once there is treatment, there is no need to suffer. Hypnotherapy can help relieve most pain.

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Dr. John Henderson is National Guild Of Hypnotists certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapist instructor who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programmer and trainer and sees clients at The Inner Space and can be reached at 404-252-4540 or johnhenderson@johnhendersonhypnotherapy.com.