Nothing Changes Until You Change

By John Henderson, DD, CI, NFNLP

New Years resolutions have come and gone with each year and nothing has changed except our waistline, hairline and the bags under our eyes. When are we actually going to change our lives and how will we do it? First we need to know the root cause of our negativity and how to address it. You know what’s coming next because I am a hypnotherapist. I believe that ALL causes of our life problems are seated in our subconscious mind and removing the errant subconscious mind programming along with implanting positive programming will change our lives. This year, after deciding what our New Year’s resolutions should be, we need to first decide what’s keeping us from having it now. You knew last year what you wanted to do, have or be and you did nothing or not enough to accomplish it, so what’s going to be the extra push that gets you there this year? Hypnotherapy can be your answer. Since there are many sub modalities of hypnotherapy available, let’s look at a few of the most popular.

Our first and most popular sub modality of hypnotherapy is Past Life Regression, so let’s look at it first. Everyone wants to know who he or she was in a past life. We wonder if we were Cleopatra, Mark Anthony or some other famous person to give our past and present lives meaning. However, what we need is clearing of the errant subconscious mind programming and then we can give our present lives meaning. If you go to a Hypnotherapist for a specific reason, during Past Life Regression, the subconscious mind will go to a specific past life that most closely reflects the root of the problem being addressed. I have seen clients go to lives where they were so mistreated that it’s obvious why they have problems now and I wonder how they are coping with life at all. Knowing you were mistreated in a past life will tell you why you attract people who mistreat you now. This is because the subconscious mind will bring to you more of what you have experienced before in your life because it thinks that you desire it because you are experiencing it and focusing on it. When we are little children we have a lot of experiences that would not affect us as an adult, but as little children, yelling, arguing and minor neglect can highly negatively influence us. We may be in the middle of our parent’s argument that has nothing to do with us, but it is so upsetting to us that we run and hide and since we can’t cope with it, we “wall it off” in our brain because we can’t handle it. This is almost immediately forgotten, in our conscious mind, but since our subconscious mind never forgets and as I wrote above, the subconscious mind brings us more of whatever we experience, it goes to work to bring us more of this highly negative experience. Since it is “walled off” in our brain, we no longer remember it. As adults we continue to draw negative people to us with their negative experiences, but don’t know why. Many times, just seeing the root cause of a problem is enough to turn a person around. Sometimes I need to reprogram them.
Another helpful sub modality in hypnotherapy is Soul Fragment Retrieval. This is best explained with an example of a little child’s life. In hypnosis, the reason may come up. The reason I say may is because it may come up, but may be buried so deep and walled off to the point that it may not come out. However, while in hypnosis, the subconscious mind will give a story to try to help you understand what is wrong. This is like the wolf that got caught in a trap and gnawed off its paw to get out and left the paw on the ground, limping away. Soul Fragment Retrieval makes your subconscious mind think you are whole even if you never knew what the real problem was, because you don’t need to know what it was.
Once we are reprogrammed to change the errant subconscious mind programming, we can change our lives and draw other people who are not manipulative and are truly nice people. If these problem people were friends, our friends will change. If these people are coworkers, they will change, or our job will change. Your subconscious mind, however, will never put you in a worse position because of reprogramming. Positive reprogramming will always bring positive results and a happier life. What's wrong with your life that you would like to change to bring you a happier, brighter, more prosperous and productive life?

© January 2018 John Henderson all rights reserved.
Dr. John Henderson is National Guild Of Hypnotists certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapist instructor who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programmer and trainer and sees clients at The Inner Space and can be reached at 404-252-4540 or