Time for a Fresh Start

By John Henderson

Well, here we go again, into another year and many of you are thinking that since this arbitrary date of January the first has come and gone that things will be different. You go through the new year wondering why the new relationship is the same old person with a new face or even though the old bills are paid off there are new ones to take their place. By the end of February it all seems to be falling into place that is 2014 repeating itself with new players. The first string has kicked you all year in 2014 and now the second string is here to continue the pain. You’re working harder and going backward faster than you did in 2014. Maybe it’s not that bad, but still it is not the happy joy filled life you desire. I’m here to tell you that not only do you deserve a joy filled life, but it’s completely and fully attainable.
Think about how old you are and that’s how many years you have been programmed by everyone in your environment to be less than. Less than successful, less than loved, less than you choose to be. You could be correct if you said that it’s not your fault because the programming your subconscious mind is running your life on was put in without your consent even started before your were born. Now the bad news: Now that you are reading this article, you are going to learn what to do to change your life so if you don’t do it, it now becomes all your fault because now you will learn the way out; out of losing into winning, out of loneliness into a loving long time monogamous relationship; out of poverty into all the money your subconscious mind thinks you deserve. The following is an overview to your guaranteed success.
1. You can’t afford the luxury of a single negative thought. Any time one comes into your mind, you think “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, dismiss it and think “There is a way and I will find it”. You are not going into denial; you are working on the situation from all positive aspects.
2. Choose your friends wisely with discernment making sure that they are only those following this new path you are choosing. You may love them dearly and they may be as sweet as sugar, but if they are negative, you can’t overcome it. It will attach to you, bringing you down. There are positive people who think like you looking for a new friend right now.
3. Never, never participate in gossip. That is negative programming for your subconscious mind and it will bring you what you focus on, so if you focus on other people’s problems, they will come to you also.
4. Turn off the TV because it is there only to program you so you will either buy the products advertised, you like the program so much you pay the cable company to watch, or there’s an imbedded ideology in the story that the writers want to program you to. There’s never a free ride here on planet earth and you can never let your guard down because you chose to come here for the intensity of the lessons and WOW do you get them here.
5. Don’t worry, be happy should be your motto. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. In other words, no one can make you unhappy, you choose to be unhappy as a result of what someone else says or does to you so you need to say “Hmmmmm, that’s interesting” and choose happiness in spite of it.
Those are some of the things you can do, but the most important thing to do is to reprogram your subconscious mind with the help of a Hypnotherapist. As I wrote above, you have been negatively programmed all your life and just because some one changed the year from 2014 to 2015, it doesn’t mean you are going to change without a new direction and concentrated effort. This effort can be minimized with the help of a Hypnotherapist. All the gossip said about you comes to you trying to change you because all thoughts are things and you create them with those thoughts. That’s why focusing on already having a new job will bring it to you. Since all the gossip that has been said about you comes to you, it’s important to clear it from your energy field.
There are a number of things that you can do to help yourself.
E.F.T.: Tapping is a good way for you to care for yourself. There are a number of good books on the subject.
Affirmations: Write one positive affirmation and make it your focus. For example “Everything that I do turns out well.” or “I am loved”. or whatever you want to change, affirm it as though it were already in your reality. If you don’t believe the affirmation, it will be useless, so if you can’t accept it as truth, try a statement like “I make smarter choices today than yesterday.” “I am a lovable person and the right person to love me is coming into my life closer and closer each day.”
Chants: You don’t have to know the meaning, in fact it may be better if you don’t. Sanskrit language chants hold a vibration of the sound of the words. They work in a way that is completely subsconsious.
If you need help or a boost to your transformation, see a good hypnotherapist.

© January 2015 John Henderson all rights reserved.
Dr. John Henderson is National Guild Of Hypnotists certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapist instructor who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programmer and trainer and sees clients at The Inner Space and can be reached at 404-252-4540 or johnhenderson@johnhendersonhypnotherapy.com.